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5 Tips to Fight Summer Stink

Sometimes summer stinks, literally.

The combination of heat, humidity, and mold can make everything smell awful, including your clothes and your home too. That’s why keeping everything clean is so important in summer.

If you don’t want to face a nostril invasion every time you enter your home, try these 5 tips to chase the stink away this summer and live in a home that feels, smells, and looks clean.

1. Ventilate

The first step to prevent unpleasant odors from intensifying in your home is to open your windows and use fans generously. That way all lingering scents will dissipate naturally.

Since the outdoor air quality during summer is better than indoors, opening your windows will improve not only the air circulation but also the air quality.

So proper ventilation is vital in ensuring every part of your home smells nice and fresh — especially your kitchen and bathrooms, because that’s where all sorts of odors accumulate.

2. Use Baking Soda to Eliminate Odors

Baking soda is the undisputed king of all odor eliminators! Instead of masking odors like candles or air fresheners, it absorbs and neutralizes them.

You can:

● Sprinkle it across any carpeted area and leave it there for a few hours before vacuuming it up to have your carpet smelling fresh as a daisy.

● Put it on your mattress, let it sit for several hours, vacuum it up, and, voila! Your mattress is no longer trapped under sweat, dirt, and dead skin cells.

● Use it to mask pet accidents. For this purpose, you will need a spray bottle filled with a mixture of one cup of water, one cup of vinegar, and two tablespoons of baking soda.

Baking soda can be a powerful tool in your fight against the summer stink. So don’t shy from using it as much as needed.

3. Use Washing Soda to Prevent Stinky Clothes

If you’re like most people, you fill your laundry baskets up with stinky clothes to wash the whole pile later. But the problem is, that pile of stinky clothes is going to fill your entire room with its far from pleasant aroma.

So what’s the solution? Here’s an easy one. Sprinkle some washing soda on the pile to crush the stinky uprising before it even begins.

4. Clean Your Cleaning Supplies

That’s right, your cleaning supplies need cleaning too! So before you tackle those odors at home, first check if your cleaning supplies could be the culprit.

Replacing your tools before they’re all worn-out is probably the best place to start. A rule of thumb is to replace your sponges every month, mop heads every two to three months, and towels every year.

If you feel your cleaning supplies have still got some mileage left, then consider a natural odor eliminator made of booking soda, vinegar, or even coffee grounds.

5. Clean Floorings, Garbage Cans, and Hard Surfaces

Here’s how you should clean all the floorings, garbage cans, and hard surfaces in your home:

● Wash out any garbage cans with white vinegar and water

● Use a damp cloth or duster to clean your shelves and cabinets

● Regular sweeping and mopping are enough for hardwood floors

● A dry sponge works best for cleaning walls and painted surfaces

● Vacuum your carpets to rid them of pet hair, dander, mold, dirt, and dust

● Dust furniture with a rag made of microfiber cloths lightly dampened with water

Summer doesn’t have to be a nostril invasion anymore. Follow the 5 tips we’ve outlined above and you’ll enjoy every breath indoors.


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