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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

As we approach the Fall and Winter months, we also approach the dreaded "FLU SEASON"... Without boarding yourself up in your home and avoiding all human contact, the best way to avoid contracting the flu is to get a flu shot, wash your hands (a lot), avoid getting close to those who are sick, and KEEP YOUR SURROUNDINGS CLEAN! (according to the CDC)

Did you know that paper money can transport the influenza virus for 17 DAYS and it can survive on most surfaces for 48 HOURS? Did you know one cough or sneeze can have germs linger in the air for 45 MINUTES! That's a long time to have a serious illness hanging around your home and on the things you carry...

Did you know that many of the cleaning products we use will KILL the influenza virus on contact? With a cleaning company you will rest easy knowing that you will never worry about having infectious viruses or bacteria hanging around your home. With a routine CLEANING, our cleaning services can DISINFECT ALL SURFACES that you and your family could be touching numerous times throughout the day. Just call us your "preventative sickness" experts!

Maybe it's too late and you've already contracted the flu from your coworker or your child has brought it home from school (germ haven)... Even after you and/or your family have completely recovered from the flu, those germs are still lingering in your home/office. With a cleaning service, it would knock those germs right out of your home allowing you to open the doors to your neighbors, friends, and relatives again! Never worry about your home being a place where you can invite your friends and family to get sick again... as much as we all love movies in bed, it gets old after a week straight...

Let us help you enjoy the Fall/Winter months and getting back to living life worry-free!

Without Cleaning Services
Don't let this be you.

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