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About us

We work where we live!

Who we are:

We're a family owned business based on Kensington MD.  We strive to offer our clientele with the best quality, detailed oriented, and transparent services - without the hassle. 


We want to bring an approachable and friendly feeling back to the service industry and with us you will never find any fine print, hidden fees, or lengthy contracts. 

Bluebird was established in 2018 after receiving a high demand for interior cleaning services through one of our other Montgomery County based business.  We found many of our clients were dissatisfied with their current home cleaning providers and were desperately seeking alternative options.  We saw a growing need and wanted to be their new and improved option! 

About the owners:

Xiomara & Brett McCurdy, who have been residents of the area for many years, and combined have over 20 years of small business experience under their belt in the service and hospitality industries alone. 


Xiomara currently handles most of the operational aspects of Bluebird Cleaning making sure to offer the best quality service with a smile, have the most efficient crews, and continue to build long lasting relationships with all our clients.  Brett supports operations in sales and marketing mainly but helps will all other tasks it takes to manage a growing small business.  They both hope to bring about change in the cleaning industry with unmatched client experiences, create new jobs for locals in the area who's job may have been recently eliminated due to automations or outsourcing, and contribute back to the community through local sponsorships/donations and events.


Bluebird Cleaning's partner company "BAM'S Landscaping" which works side-by-side with us for the larger cleanout jobs is owned and managed by Brett & Xiomara.  Brett is VP of Realty Investments Corp. in Kensington and is an actively licensed real estate investment agent and Treasurer of the KBDA (Kensington Business District Association).   Xiomara works in MCPS as a translator and has a passion for interior design and flip renovations.  Both love each other and their puggle dog named Allie who is currently the mascot for both companies!


Where did the name "Bluebird Cleaning" come from?

After brainstorming a million company names we finally decided on the name Bluebird Cleaning because after some research we found this amazing bird to actually be a very clean animal (see below for fun fact).  The logo was drafted up and we immediately knew that was the one.  


Cleaning Gloves on clothes line
Bluebird and Bird House


The bluebird is a very interesting bird.  It loves to keep it's nest clean.  The parents are very meticulous about cleaning up their nests. When the eggs hatch, the female usually eats the eggshells to help with her egg production or disposes of them far away from the nestbox. While the babies are growing, the parents will carry away the waste products from the nestlings. The waste is in the form of neat little bundles called “fecal sacs”.

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