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Why you should hire us?

  1. We are LOCAL!  Our office is located in KENSINGTON.

  2. We are NOT a National Franchise, which means you are not just another number to us.

  3. We are Owner-operated and family run.  We work where we live.

  4. We are extremely RESPONSIVE to calls/email and we LISTEN to your NEEDS.  We know that no home is the same and that all our client should have a customized plan to best suit their individual requests.

  5. We show up ON TIME & EVERY TIME for our scheduled service visits

  6. You will have direct interactions with the owners.  Crews are directly managed by the owners.

  7. We have vetted partner companies for many of your other household needs.

  8. We have a 100% No-Risk Satisfaction Guarantee!  If you for any reason do not like our job, we will return to make it right and/or refund the visit costs.

  9. We are BIG on preventing cross-contamination within your home and between other homes we service.  We wear booties, gloves, use brand new sponges, and washed colored coded rags each visit, and disinfect all our equipment after each visit.

Benefits of hiring a cleaning company:

  1.  You SAVE TIME.  The most valuable thing in life is YOUR TIME.  Don't waste it cleaning your home/office.

  2.  A HEALTHIER home environment.  Our crews disinfect and kill many germs such as staph, salmonella, E.coli, and many other invisible health hazards.

  3. Prepare for the holidays, guest parties, and other special occasions.

  4. Impress your neighbors :)

  5. Increase the value of your home prior to putting your home on the market.

  6. A clean environment improves your mood

  7. A clean home/office keeps away bugs & insects that dwell in dust and dirt

  8. Prevents marital disputes over the dreaded "honey-do" list 

  9. Reduces fire risks by eliminating clutter and dirt buildup

  10. A clean office decreases employee sick days therefore increasing your company bottom line and productivity

  11. Eliminate pet allergens and dangerous bacteria.

  12. We use top of the line cleaning equipment and supplies ensuring the most efficient and detailed cleaning service.

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