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6 Areas That We All Forget To Clean

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

There is a reason that we call in the pros for any and all activities that we do not perform on a routine basis. We may brush our teeth every day (even if it's just a few seconds...) or jump our cars when they do not start but it's also not a common occurrence that we will also attempt to pull a molar from our mouth or replace the transmission in our car... When our cleaning crews routinely clean over and over, they spot areas that can be commonly missed.

What are some of these areas you ask?

1) Under Throw Rugs: One of the best places to use your foot to slid a little dust ball "out of sight out of mind" real quick before the guests come. These rugs are usually in the middle of our living areas and jammed pack full of surprises like dust, pollen, dirt, and pet dander. Sometimes you may even find your pet...

Cleaning Service under rugs
Cleaning under rugs can be difficult...

2) Heating and A/c Vents: Have you ever looked at the in/out vents throughout your home? They can be FILLED with nasty dirt and dust that becomes lodged between the vent opening! This is what we are breathing in everyday and is a crucial element to keeping the air in your home clean. While our cleaning services will vacuum out all the dust and grime in all your vents during deep cleaning services we also recommend changing your HVAC units filter ever 2 TO 3 MONTHS (more frequently if you have pets and/or allergies). These filters are not expensize and can be found at most local home improvement stores (Home Depot, Lowes, Strosniders, etc.)

Cleaning vents
A clean vent is a clean home

3) Ceiling Fans: Another great hiding spot for years and years of dust buildup on the top side of the fan blades. Our routine cleaning will clean the tops of the fan blades to make sure your fan is only blowing nice fresh air and not an indoor storm of dust... cough.

Cleaning Ceiling Fans
We don't see the tops of the fan...but it's nasty!

4) Baseboards: Trim and baseboards are located in almost all residences and offices and no many people think to clean these... and why would we? Well, upon closer examination, these baseboards have very small ledges. It's small but it's still enough to find dust resting on these areas. When you add up all the areas these baseboards cover, that dust adds up quick! It's a quick and easy place to clean but still makes our list of areas commonly overlooked during cleaning.

Cleaning baseboards
Don't forget those baseboards.

5) Door Knobs and light Switches: This is a scary one because most cleaning companies actually forget to clean these too (not just homeowners)! Why is it scary, well because it's a haven for germs due to the fact it's a spot for dirty hands to touch on a frequent basis. Much like our cellphones (sorry but we can't help you there and those are even worse when it comes to germs) we need to remember that all area we touch are places that should take priority on our cleaning list.

Cleaning door knobs and light switches
Door knobs can be a germ haven.

6) On top of your refrigerator and microwave: Hard to reach place...YES, important... YES! These areas come extremely close to your food and is a common place to find small dead insects that were feeding on old food matter as well as decaying food matter. A great place to harbor germs that may cause stomach sickness due to it's close proximity to the cooking areas.

Refrigerator Cleaning.
Unless you are very tall, we don't normally see the tops of our fridge.

A one-time cleaning of all these areas is a good first step but places that are frequently touched by our hands such as door knobs and light switches should be cleaned on a routine basis to prevent common colds and other sickness that could be easily prevented with a clean home or office! :)

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