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5 Ways Hiring Cleaning Services Saves Your Business Time and Money

As a business owner you have a hundred things to do at any one time; some of which are important, some you want to do, and some you don’t. If you’re honest, the thing at the bottom of your list is cleaning your office or home. Whether you’re a team of one or fifty, you don’t have the time to clean your own space. That time can be better spent doing something else on the to-do list or (gasp!) time off having fun, relaxing, or spending time with loved ones.

Here are 5 ways hiring home or office cleaning services can save you time and money.

1. No More Evenings and Weekends Cleaning

Even if you’re someone who is happy to put in your earphones and spend a minimum of an hour in the evening or at the weekend cleaning your home or place of business, it’s not really something you want to do. That time can better serve you as time for relaxing.

2. Your Time is Worth Money

When you have a new business you often have to all the work to get your business off the ground, but there comes a time where your time is worth far more than the cost of outsourcing those tasks. How much is your time worth per hour? Is it even a little more than the cost of hiring a cleaning service? If so, you need to stop holding on to doing the cleaning yourself, as your time is better spent doing work that brings in more money for your business, or in relaxing so you are refreshed and better able to tackle those high-level tasks that bring in the revenue to your business.

3. Pros Do a Better Job in Less Time

If you’re still Chief-Everything-Officer in your business, or only have a few team members, you may find it hard to let go of tasks. If this is you, cleaning your own space should be one of the first tasks you hand over to the professionals. Your instincts may tell you that no one should clean your space but you, or that only you will clean it in the way you like, but I promise you professional cleaning services like ours (whether that’s office cleaning services or house cleaning) will do a better job than you will when you’re tired and desperate to go home or sit down, faster, and cheaper.

4. Have the Magic Wand Experience

Have you ever gone to bed hoping some cleaning elves will have cleaned your house from top to bottom by the time you get up? You can have that same experience when you use cleaning services! Leave your office at 5pm, arrive at 8.30am, and find the office spotlessly clean. Return home to a spotless, ready-to-relax home. If you’ve ever wanted to wave a wand so you don’t have to waste time cleaning, hiring a cleaning company is your answer.

5. Employees are More Productive in Clean Spaces

Even if you aren’t a naturally neat person, working in a messy environment is difficult. Both you and your employees will be more productive (and happier) in a clean and tidy workspace. A study by Staples found that 94% of workers surveyed felt more productive in a clean workspace, and 77% of workers surveyed felt their work was of higher quality. For most businesses, high productivity equals high revenue so it’s well worth investing in a regular office or home cleaning service.

If you’re an entrepreneur or small business owner in the Kensington and Bethesda area of Maryland, we’re here to take cleaning off your plate for good. We offer home cleaning, office cleaning and more – find out about our services here!

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