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Back TO School Time!

back to school cleaning


So your kids are heading back to school FINALLY and your determined to reclaim the home from the warzone state that they left it in! Whether it was the little one using crayons on the walls or the older ones with an unidentifiable stank that mysteriously hovers around their rooms, we've seen it all. Each age range of kids seems to have a different set of cleaning challenges and we thought it'd be fun to pick a few examples:

1. Pencils, Markers, and Crayons on the walls and baseboards (Ages 3-7): We all have childhood memories of taking markers or crayons and professionally decorating the home for our parents. We seemed so shocked when they would return home and NOT enjoy our service. We learned quickly by the screams of parents which ones were permanent and which were washable soon after the incidents. Our deep cleaning services will recover those walls and if it's real bad we have partner companies to repaint if needed.

2. Noxious Odors (Ages 7-17): All we know is they originate from the child's body at some point and these mysterious odors then begin to hang around their rooms, the play rooms, your rooms, until every room has been claimed by these odors. We can eliminate and sanitize odors and their origins each and every visit!

3. Dirt (Ages 5-15): Maybe a bit less than past generations of kids, but kids still love to get dirty! Whether it's jumping in mud puddles, tackling each other in the front lawn, camping out in the yard at night, or covering themselves with leaves in the Fall. Your kids are going to bring DIRT in the house! There is no way around it. The accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime in your carpets and any crevices isn't noticeable as it happens but give it a full summer, and we are taking bag after vacuum bag of dirt from the floors in homes.

The summer is the time to let some of our responsibilities slip through the cracks and when your free labor (children) get ready to head back to school or college, the task of cleaning your home seems twice the challenge. You could spend the rest of this summer of 2019 stressing about upcoming responsibilities OR you could hand them off to us and get back out there on the beach for one more weekend!

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