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Does Your Home Smell Too Clean??

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Cleaning services scents for home
Scents for the home

Have you ever smelled the inside of a hospital?

It smells extremely clean! It's extremely clean for a good reason, to prevent the spread of infections. As important as it is to have an extremely clean and safe home, you don't always want your home smelling like the emergency room, right?

So what is the medium between a freshly sanitized and disinfected household after a cleaning service and something smelling more like a HOME? Most likely it will be something with a warm and inviting scent to all guests in your home, as well as yourself.

Each individual reacts differently to different scents and while one household enjoys an evergreen smell wafting through their home during the wintertime, another household may prefer a scent of vanilla or wet dog (we don't judge).

Don't know your preference to scents in the home?

It's ok, many of us have no idea in this category... which is why we did the digging for you and added a few of our own to bring you our TOP 3 scents of the home.

1. Mulled Wine

Nothing says "come on in!" like the sweet aroma of mulled wine being warmed in the kitchen. Recipes vary but common ingredients include apple cider, WINE, oranges, cinnamon sticks, orange, honey, and spices if desired. Adults should consider spiking with additional liqueur.

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon is always a classic home scent go to. It's powerful enough to overcome some stubborn noxious smells in the home and light enough that it's still a warm and inviting scent. Common ways to use this would be to use it baking, put a stick in your brandy, or lay some sticks in some of the entrances and side tables throughout your home.

3. Evergreen

When it's cold outside sometimes it's just easier to bring the outside...inside. The smell of pine/evergreen is a very strong smell that comes with many memories of getting your fingers stuck on sap oozing out of the tree trunks. Obtain this smell by collecting pine cones to place throughout your home, clipping a live branch from an evergreen outside, or pickup a pack of 10 evergreen scents sticks at your local Home Depot (we've tested and they last a LONG time).


Ways to disperse into YOUR home:

a) Organically (Xmas Tree, cut branches, etc.)

b) Candles

c) Reed Diffusers

d) Baking/Cooking

e) Aerosols

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