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Germs go to work too!

We all know how important it is to clean our homes routinely (because you have been reading our previous blog posts of course) in order to prevent and eliminate harmful germs from infecting us, but what about the place many of us spend the majority of our waking lives ...the OFFICE....

Office Cleaning Services
A clean office is a productive office.

Much like schools and other large gathering places, the office is a highly frequented and popular place for harboring germs and diseases.

Just think of these mind-blowing facts about germs before you sit down to your desk:

a) Workplace equipment can be 400X dirtier than a TOILET SEAT

b) ONLY 3% of offices sufficiently clean their equipment

c) 1 person carrying a virus will infect 50% of all employees in the vicinity IN JUST 4 HOURS.

d) 80% of infections spread via contact with contaminated NOT coughing and sneezing!

e) 20% of us have fecal matter on our hands! 32% of office workers admit to NOT washing their hands after using the bathroom.

or how about...

f) U.S economy loses aprox. $227 billion yearly due to "lost productivity" from illnesses which includes absenteeism of workers and workers working while sick.

If you are germaphobe like us, you may have just thrown up a little in your mouth. If you happen to work in HR, manage a team in a company, or your the CEO, these facts are also disturbing because we are responsible for the safety of those who work for us and the environments they work in.

When we calculate the hazards in the workplace, we consider things like limiting slip & falls accidents due to ice in the parking lot, replacing that crazy copier that smokes randomly because the staff says they believe it will burn the place down, or the nice shiny security system that has every inch of the building covered with 27/7 video feed.

What do we always forget though?

Well, given this is a blog about cleaning, I think your subconscious was probably screaming out by now "CLEANING! IT'S CLEANING!". Well your RIGHT!

Just some basic routine disinfecting habits will really cut down on your company and coworkers coughing, sneezing, and spreading sicknesses throughout your office building.

After reading the already millions of articles on google about dirty offices here are some very quick easy cleaning habits that will take under 30 seconds that will cut down or eliminate the amount of days you and your team are calling out sick.

1. Buy a Lysol disinfectant spray at your local home improvement (or a can of 20) and GO TO TOWN on your keyboard, mouse, and office telephone. These are the dirtiest items on your desk.

2. STOP chewing on your pens and pencils! We didn't see this mentioned much online, but common sense says, if you touch your keyboard/mouse a lot, than you are probably touching pens and pencils on your desk frequently as well. *I for one have stopped this habit after reading about all these disturbing things

3. WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER USING THE BATHROOM. Those signs are posted everywhere for a reason. Clean your hands for a long enough period to sign the happy birthday song to yourself twice.

4. Don't be afraid to call off. Everyone appreciates your bravery but not your germs. Stay home, recover, and come back healthy.

5. Clean YOUR desk: So many workers in the U.S. admit to eating at their desk during their lunch hour and NOT cleaning their desk. This is another great way to pick up bacteria.

6. Hire an office cleaning service: We had to say it. Routine cleaning with disinfecting services will keep your workforce healthy and working. Not only that but your clients and team will enjoy a fresh smelling environment boosting their moods and motivation!

All commercial and office cleaning services are NOT the same. Be sure your office cleaning company is truly disinfecting EVERYTHING....don't let YOUR office be the petri dish of the town.




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