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Hiring a Cleaning Service Improves Relationships!

Cleaning services improve relationships
A clean home is a stress free home.


First let's take a look at some interesting facts regarding cleaning:

(survey of 1000 men and women performed by

a) Women are most likely to be irritated by: Crumbs left on surfaces, dirty clothes lying around, and of course the toilet seat being left up

b) 25% of men admitted they do NOT get irritated by household cleaning issues BUT they WILL get angry about hair being left in the shower.

c) Both Sexes agree that cleaning the toilets, ironing, and cleaning the oven are the most hated duties in the household.

d) 37% of women spend SEVEN hours cleaning A WEEK compared to 20% of MEN. 4% of men admit to not cleaning IN OVER A MONTH!

ADMIT IT, if you are currently or have ever lived with your significant other (or even a roommate for that matter) it's almost a guarantee that you have had some sort of argument or dispute over who should clean what and/or how often. Every person has their own unique personal preferences as to how they choose to live their life in their home and naturally that overlaps with the other that live with them.

How can hiring a cleaning service improve my relationship with my significant other?

CLOSE YOUR EYES (actually please close your eyes after you read this paragraph...) and picture the following: You and your significant other work a long hard week at your profession, you both are driving home exhausted and have already dialed the number of your go-to pizza delivery place in your car. As you open the front door of your home and begin to take off your coat and shoes, you take a quick look around your home, and instead of a wave of relaxation coming over you... your heart begins to beat faster and your stress levels increase. Why? Because you notice ALL the DIRT AND CLUTTER all around the home from a lack of cleaning throughout the work week. INSTEAD of uncorking a nice bottle of your favorite beverage with your loved one, you now begin to argue about why the other person didn't clean this or that, and the conversation intensifies. This is the LAST THING we want to do at the end of the week.

OK NOW PICTURE THIS INSTEAD: Instead of walking through the front door to a funky smelling and messy home, you and your significant other enjoy your favorite meal together, that you cooked together in a SPOTLESS clean smelling kitchen and recount your week's adventures.

I don't know about you but the second scenario sounds a lot better to me. This doesn't even factor in the 5-10 hours that we spend every week tidying up our homes. That's 25-40 HOURS A MONTH, 1 FULL DAY, we WASTE cleaning our living spaces. Think of all the things we could be doing instead!

When it comes to improving relationships, maybe we should start thinking about eliminating all the non-essential tasks that we do on a daily and weekly basis. By outsourcing tasks to dependable service companies you are essentially investing in IMPROVING your relationships in your lives and BUYING HOURS back into your life that can be spent LIVING AND LOVING THE LIFE YOU DESERVE.

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