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How to Make a Weekly House Cleaning Schedule You Can Actually Stick to

Raise your hand if you know what it’s like to go on a mad dash cleaning mode before your guests arrive... No one likes that kind of frantic cleaning. It’s stressful, inefficient, and disruptive. If that’s how you feel about it too, we have a solution for you: build a schedule that will keep your home reasonably clean at all times.

An ideal schedule for you is one that makes cleaning easier, less stressful, and more efficient.

Unfortunately, there’s no one schedule template that works for everyone because we all have different needs. However, we have devised a five-step process you can use to build a weekly cleaning schedule that’s going to be just the right fit for you.

1. Make a List of All Cleaning Tasks

Start by making a list of all the cleaning tasks you have to perform, such as dusting, vacuuming, laundry, washing dishes, mopping the floors, and cleaning the windows.

2. Figure Out the Ideal Frequency

Once you have jotted down all the tasks you have to perform, the next step is to determine the ideal frequency for each. To do that, think about what makes the most sense for you.

For instance, if you have a spare room that is rarely used, you don’t need to dust it more than once a month. Whereas, if you have a room that’s always under an invasion by kids or pets, it’s a good idea to dust and vacuum it at least once a week.

In other words, there’s one schedule that fits all tasks or households. For the vast majority of cleaning tasks, the ideal frequency ranges from as rarely as once a month to as often as daily. It’s up to you to decide what’s ideal for yours.

3. Divide & Conquer

If you can handle all the cleaning by yourself, that’s great. But if you’re like most people who need help, assign the cleaning tasks you can’t do to the most qualified people in your family.

For instance, let’s say you’re good at mowing the lawn, mopping the floors, and dusting the furniture but bad at washing the dishes and doing laundry. Then you should stick to the tasks you’re good at and ask your family members for help with the rest.

4. Set Specific Days for Specific Tasks

The next step is to assign specific tasks to specific days. If there is a day of the week that is particularly busy for you, don’t schedule any cleaning for it.

Same thing when you have plenty of time on your hand. If you have a couple days off from work each week, be sure to make the best of it by assigning by filling up your cleaning to-do list for those days.

5. Put It All In Writing

The final step is to document your weekly cleaning schedule, make a print, and stick it to a part of your home where you’ll see it daily. This could be the fridge or the wall right next to the TV in the living room—your call!

By following our simple five-step formula, you can create a hassle-free cleaning schedule that will keep your home clean and organized at all the times. Just be sure to bask in all the compliments you’re about to get from your guests.


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