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Maid Service vs Cleaning Company: What’s the Difference and What Do You Need?

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What’s the difference between a maid service and a cleaning company?

If you’re thinking of hiring a cleaning company for the first time or getting some extra help around the home, you may feel a little overwhelmed by all the different terms used in the cleaning services industry to describe different tasks and services.

To a certain extent, the differences between these services are up for interpretation by each company, and so you can see why the lines between the services can easily become blurred. However, when it comes to choosing between a maid service and a cleaning service, there are several key differences. Read on to learn about the two services and get clear on which one you need.

Maid Service

As mentioned above, the definition for what a maid service does can vary, but traditionally a maid is employed full- or part-time by a family. While these kinds of positions do exist, the maid service you’ve probably been considering is an independent company with employees or a freelancer you can pay for a certain number of hours to help you out around the home.

Generally, a maid service will be available for a few hours during the day to help while you are home or at work. When it comes to cleaning, a maid will do “what the eye can see” cleaning – dusting, tidying, and scrubbing. In most cases, maid services use the cleaning tools you already have in your home.

Cleaning Company

A cleaning company is a company you can hire on a one-off or regular basis to clean your home or place of business, and while they can do the same “surface level” clean and tidy a maid service would complete, they often take on commercial cleaning, moving cleaning, event cleaning, carpet cleaning, and more. In most cases, cleaning companies offer their services in the early hours of the morning or in the evening as well as in the day to work around your schedule, and will generally have the “magic elf” effect where you go out and return to a sparkling home or office. A cleaning company will also often bring their own products to clean your premises with, unless you choose to provide them.

What does a maid service do?

Regardless of the way the “maid” is being employed, maids may be able to complete the following tasks for you:

· Cleaning and tidying the home

· Making beds

· Doing laundry

· Going grocery shopping

· Cleaning up while the family is active in the home (such as after meals or playtime)

· Picking up children from school

What does a cleaning company do?

Depending on the company, cleaning companies offer:

· Regular home cleaning

· Deep home cleans

· Moving cleaning

· Regular office cleaning

· Other commercial cleaning

· Event cleaning

Do I need a maid service or a cleaning company?

Take a look at the services listed for maid services and cleaning services above and see which best suits your needs. If you’re looking for someone to not only help you tidy your home put pick up some extra tasks for you like grocery shopping or doing your laundry, a maid service is the answer.

If you need a one-off clean, regular cleaning with no extra tasks, office cleaning, commercial cleaning, or anything else that a single “maid” would not be able to do, then you need to enlist the help of a cleaning company who can better take on your needs and may even have extra equipment a maid service does not.

If you’re looking for a cleaning company in the lower Montgomery County area of Maryland, we’re happy to talk to you about your needs and find the best service for you.

We offer home cleaning, office cleaning and more – find out about the services we offer here or contact us directly for a quote.

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