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Signs You Need an Office Cleaning Service

Did you know 89% of Americans believe that the condition of a workplace restroom strongly reflects a company’s attitude towards its employees?

Maintaining proper hygiene at the office is essential. But can you really afford to take time away from work to clean and disinfect every single thing?

You could delegate cleaning to your staff. Maybe you already have. But since the average worker has more duties than ever, and lacks the skill or dedication of a professional, any cleaning activities end up taking the back seat.

It’s only a matter of time before the impact of that neglect catches up. And trust us, it can get nasty.

Still not sure if your office needs a cleaning service? Just go through the following list of warning signs and see which one rings true for you.

1. Office Sick Days are Rising

If you’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of sick leaves, the most likely cause is the lack of proper hygiene.

Without regular cleaning, many hidden spots in your office become breeding areas for germs, resulting in a sudden increase in absenteeism.

The next time you have too many employees on sick leave, consider getting a thorough and professional office cleaning.

2. Productivity is Down

Multiple studies have shown the positive effects of a clean workplace on employee wellbeing, happiness, and productivity. You can have the best office supplies in the world, but if your office is not cleaned properly, productivity will suffer.

Why does that happen? There are two reasons.

1. Besides the fact that no one enjoys working in a dirty environment, dust and other airborne particles can aggravate allergies, leading to a drop in productivity.

2. Conversely, if staff members spend too much time keeping the workplace clean and tidy, they cannot focus on work and thus get less done.

So if your team is uncomfortable by the sanitary conditions of the workplace or losing work hours to rigorous maintenance, it’s time to outsource.

3. A Smelly Fridge

An office fridge is used by 10 to 20 people on average. Many of those people use it to store their launch. As a result, the risk for crumbs, spills, and leftovers rotting away unnoticed goes up sharply.

It is also important to remember that very few people wash their hands before opening the fridge. That’s why office fridges often end up full of harmful bacteria and germs.

So if your fridge has a funky scent to it, now’s the time to admit that you need help with keeping your workplace clean.

4. Dusty Desktops and Monitors

If dusty desktops and monitors could talk, they’d tell you that the sanitary conditions of your office are far from ideal and it’s time for a change.

If you think a little dust on your desktop is harmless, then you’ll be surprised to know that your keyboard has 200 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.

No. You didn’t misread that. The average keyword truly has more bacteria than a toilet seat. A whole lot more. So the next time you see some dust on your devices, just remember this unfortunate fact.

If you’ve noticed any of those signs in your workplace, it’s time to call a commercial cleaning company in Maryland that will make your office spick and span.

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