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Spots in Your Office You Aren't Cleaning but Should Be

There are endless reasons why it’s important to keep your office clean, and even if you think it’s spotless, there are likely a couple of hidden spots that are serving as breeding grounds for germs. To combat that, check out these places in your office that you probably aren’t cleaning but definitely should be.

Cleaning rag

1. Handles

Anything that your body touches needs to be cleaned. Our bodies secrete oils, and leave behind dirt and bacteria. And, unfortunately, not every human is that hygienic, and that includes your employees.

To stop the spread of germs and keep your work environment in tiptop shape, make sure you are cleaning handles. It’s not enough to just wipe them down. You need to disinfect them.

This includes all handles: door handles, small appliance handles, and, yes, toilet handles. If anybody in your office has touched it, make sure you are properly sanitizing it.

2. Buttons

Buttons can easily fly under the radar. We touch them so often we almost don’t consider them dirty, and they often only receive the required attention when there is something making them feel or look dirty.

But we need to give them some love, even when we can’t see the germs. Elevator buttons, vending machine buttons, buttons on electronics, they all need to be frequently disinfected.

3. Technology

Like buttons, technology is something that we use so frequently we don’t even think it possible for it to become dirty, but, unfortunately, technology is probably one of the dirtiest surfaces in your office because of its frequent use.

Here are some common pieces of technology you’re probably forgetting to clean:

● Telephone

● Keyboard

● Mouse

● Tablets

● Copy machine

● Chargers

You may be sick of hearing us say that anything your body touches needs to be cleaned, but you’ll be sicker if you don’t heed our advice and clean. Make sure these surfaces are all being disinfected on a regular basis.

Pay special attention to technology that spends frequent amounts of time in the dark, like a copy machine in a closet that only sees light when it’s in use.

4. Hidden Breakroom Spots

You might think that your break room is really clean, as it’s likely cleaned more often than your general office space. But make sure you are giving it a deep clean every now and then. When was the last time someone cleaned the inside of the refrigerator? How about the sink?

If these surfaces are not being properly disinfected, along with anything else that your employees use communally, then it’s almost not worth cleaning at all.

If you don’t want your employees to be responsible for these tasks, make sure you mention to your cleaning service that you would like to have these surfaces tended to on a more regular basis. It may cost some extra money, but it’ll be worth it.

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