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What to Expect When You're Expecting...Your 1st Cleaning Service

Booking Cleaning Services Online
Happy couple booking their 1st cleaning visit!

Our human nature has always been to fear the unknown, to stick to the norm, do what we have always done, and to AVOID anything we have never tried before. It's scientific fact.

But have you noticed that when you try something you have always wanted to try but have been to scared or timid to try, it ends up being quite pleasurable and even sometime changes your life for the better. That's because we humans are 2x more likely to avoid pain (or something out of routine) than we are to seek pleasure!

Hiring a company to clean your home can make many a bit uneasy and that's perfectly normal but ask anyone who has hired a cleaning service and they won't recall the day they signed up or why they were so hesitant to outsource their cleaning duties in the first place.

There are many cleaning solutions to pick from nowadays but if we were to divide them into three or four niches you will find: The individual cleaning person or housekeeper, large national franchise companies, and small to medium sized locally run companies, and janitorial companies. Each has their pros/cons which we will probably discuss in more detail another time but for the sake of your time let's discuss our favorite.... the local cleaning company.

Let's put your mind at ease!

This is what we see the typical individual face who realizes one day, "I'm so tired of cleaning my home, there has to be a better solution" or "I just want to come home and relax for once!" or "HONEY, I THOUGHT I TOLD YOU I DID DISHES LAST, IT'S YOUR TURN!!". There are literally A MILLION SCENARIOS that drive the thoughts into a person's head to begin the online hunt for that one company that will improve life. Notice that it took A LOT of pain BEFORE our minds began to even contemplate asking around for help.



*Normally a person will get stuck in this mind torture for long periods of time. The brain will also add in things to keep you in the habitual mindset you are normally in such as: "You can't afford to hire someone", "they don't know your house like I do", "what if x", "what if y". DON'T LISTEN TO THIS VOICE. It's the same voice that says "just skip the gym today and have another donut" or "lets just watch another season of Game of Thrones tonight instead of reading my favorite book"

2) Let's say our lucky individual took the action and sat down to research companies, found a company they feel comfortable with and has booked their VERY FIRST CLEANING SERVICE. HOORAY! Biggest hurdle...check.

3) During the initial walk-through, the cleaning company should:

a) Ask client to point out items that are most important for the client to tend to each visit

b) Arrange how cleaning company will safely and securely access the home for each visit

c) Confirm what services exactly the client will be signing up for with a checklist

d) Build trust with client - nobody wants to work with someone they don't feel comfortable with!

e) Mention any guarantees that they may have for a quality service.

f) Set a good day of the week that you prefer to have services take place and reoccur.

4) Cleaning companies can sometimes be confused with organizational services. Unfortunately, cleaning companies are here to clean but not pickup and organize personal items throughout the home/office. The company will ask politely that you declutter your home and put away any items (dirty clothes, papers, etc.) that may be laying around so the cleaners can clean all surfaces throughout the home.

5) You may be present or not during the cleaning services. Cleaning companies can be a little loud when vacuuming so don't plan on enjoying a nice book in the living room but most companies will do their best to work around a client in their home to be the least distracting as possible.

6) Payment can be made prior, during, or after the service visit. Many companies offer credit card billing or prepayment discounts for paying in full for a package.

7) Sit back and ENJOY your home! MOST IMPORTANT STEP. This is WHY you hired a company.

Repeat step 7....

Repeat step 7....

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