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Your Warehouse Needs Commercial Cleaning: Here’s Why

Cleaning a warehouse can get tricky. From a massive stockpile to dozens of containers, there’s just too much stuff to clean.

Unfortunately, many companies make the mistake of leaving the cleaning of the warehouse to their staff.

Most of those companies eventually regret that decision because doing so not only leads to poor hygiene, but it also hurts the team’s productivity and hence costs more in the long run.

In contrast, leaving the cleaning to professionally trained commercial cleaners is more effective, affordable, and safe.

Here’s why.

1. Improves Productivity and Hygiene

The research on the positive effects of a clean workspace on employee wellbeing, happiness, and productivity has been well-documented over the years.

By hiring a commercial cleaning company for your warehouse, you can ensure good hygiene levels are maintained throughout your warehouse.

As a result, you will see happier, healthier, and more productive employees. Not to mention a significant drop in sick leaves.

2. Keeps Your Warehouse Clean At All Times

Since your employees are not professionally trained and equipped for cleaning, they won’t be able to do as thorough of a job as a professional cleaner.

If you assign cleaning to your warehouse workers on top of their daily duties, they’ll be prone to making mistakes that lead to long-term damage. Here are some examples:

They may leave an unobtrusive spot of mold unaddressed, which could then easily spread to goods and items you have in storage.

They may miss an area where dust and debris accumulate, which naturally attracts pests that can cause product or structural damage.

They may fail to sanitize critical areas properly, such as staff rooms, front rooms, and bathrooms. Doing so can spread harmful germs and lead to an increase in staff absenteeism.

Those are just some common mistakes traditional workers make when cleaning a warehouse. In contrast, professional cleaners deliver the most thorough and consistent results. They know how to clean thoroughly while protecting every item stored in your warehouse.

To further emphasize our point, here are a few more problems that arise when you leave the cleaning to your staff:

No one will clean your warehouse during the holidays. As a result, everything will get dirty.

Your employees may not be able to contain a cleaning emergency, such as any major spills or leaks.

On the chance that someone naturally picks up the cleaning in your team, you’ll still have to find and train someone else once they leave.

In comparison, a commercial cleaning company will work out a schedule to keep your warehouse clean at all times — even during the holidays.

3. Saves You Money on Labor, Equipment, and WC Claims

Since your average warehouse employee is already doing a lot, leaving the cleaning to them often leads to rushed and subpar work. Not to mention, employees might need overtime hours to clean, which can be difficult to track and expensive to pay.

You also face the risk of your employees getting injured while performing their cleaning duties. That happens more often than you may think and leads to costly WC claims.

In contrast, hiring a fully insured commercial cleaning crew rids you the worry of buying equipment and supplies, keeping track of overtime hours, and settling expensive WC claims.

So all things considered, contracting a commercial cleaning company can be more efficient, affordable and risk-free than having your employees clean the warehouse.

If your warehouse is located in Kensington, Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Chevy Chase, or Wheaton, contact our commercial warehouse cleaning team at Bluebird to get a free quote.

We offer personalized warehouse cleaning services to meet all your specific needs within the limits of your budget.

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