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6 Signs Your Cleaner Is Doing a Good Job

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When you hire a cleaning company, it’s your right to expect to walk into a clean and tidy work environment every day.

However, a clean workplace isn’t the only thing you should expect. After all, cleanliness isn’t the sole reason for hiring a cleaning company. You should also expect them to meet other standards, such as a consistent time of arrival, no disturbances during work hours, and immediate response to complaints.

But how can you know if your cleaner is meeting the standards you deserve? An easy way to find out if you’re getting the best bang for your buck is to look out for these six signs of an ideal cleaning service.

1. No Part of Your Workplace Is Dirty

If you want to find out whether you’re getting the kind of cleaning service that you’re paying for, you should take a moment to review their performance every once in a while.

You can do that by evaluating all parts of your workplace and see if there are any spots that have dirt, dust, or residue left behind from cleaning products. If you can’t find even a single spot, then you know you’re working with some top-notch professionals.

2. The Cleaning Crew Never Gets In Your Way

Cleaning companies take a lot of steps to stay out of the client’s way. For example, it’s common for cleaning crews to come in when you’re away from work so they won’t disturb you in the middle of an important project.

If that’s not an option because your place requires locking up the office when leaving, a professional company will go through your schedule and help you pick a time that’s most convenient for you and your team. Furthermore, true professionals know how to maneuver through the daily cleaning in a way that keeps noises and disturbances at bay.

In short, the ideal cleaning crew will find a way to work around your schedule and improve your team’s productivity instead of hindering it.

3. The Cleaning Crew Is Well Equipped

Here are three signs of a well-equipped cleaning crew:

1. Each member is wearing a uniform with their ID card

2. They have the most popular or latest cleaning supplies and equipment

3. They put up safety signs and markings, such as easily visible warnings for wet floors

4. The Cleaning Crew Is Never In a Rush

If you ever suspect the cleaning crew to be rushing through areas and not putting in the proper time required to get the job done, that’s a warning sign they just want to get it over with. They probably don’t even care whether the job is done right.

That’s a no-no. The ideal cleaning crew is never in a rush. They take their time to ensure everything’s done right to keep your workplace spick and span.

5. The Support Team Responds Quickly

When you reach out to the support team with a complaint, they should respond right away, explaining how they intend to find a solution to your problem.

If they take days to respond or fail to explain how they will solve your issue, it’s time to look for a better company. One that does not ignore your complaints and finds ways to keep you satisfied.

6. They Deliver a Consistent Experience

Last but not least, a professional cleaning team should maintain their standards over time. There should never be a drastic change in the results of their work. The last you want is to stand on your toes trying to guess if they’ll get it right this time or if you’ll have to talk to the manager.

If your cleaner isn’t doing so well compared to these standards, it might be time to look for a cleaning crew that can offer you more.


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